Terence Lambert

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Sculpture Collection.

After a very successful launch of my first sculpture collection September 2017 the bronzes are now on permanent display at Bettws Hall. Viewing by appointment T: 01686 650628 W: terencelambert@bettwshall.com The sculpture can be viewed on line and a brochure is available on request from www.terencelambertatbettwshall.com.

MOMA Mychynlleth have invited me to curate an exhibition at the museum which includes works by Kim Atkinson, Darren Rees, Phillip Snow and Owen Williams. The exhibition runs from 29th September until the 24th November.

Artist Profile

Over three decades ago The Times of London heralded Terence Lambert’s arrival on the wildlife art’s stage with: “Terence Lambert must stand as one of the finest imaginative bird painters alive today. His illustrative technique alone is remarkable, his fastidious eye for the details of plumage and perch. Yet it is his ability to enter a birds universe, his intuitive sense of the intensity of its life that sets him apart. Still driven today to master the complexities of pen pencil and paint, he can justly be described as a key player in the development of contemporary wildlife art”.

Sanderlings on Cedar panel