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Exhibitions 2016

The new gallery was very well received by those that visited the open studio exhibition in June so we are keeping it as a permanent space and plan to have further exhibitions here in the future. I have two shows in 2016 . There will be a small number of works showing with the Jerram Gallery Sherborne Dorset from the 5 - 25th March and I have a one man show with the Museum for Modern Art for Wales in Machynlleth in November. I am very privileged to have received the invitation to exhibit with MOMA Wales and plan to commit the year’s output to this collection. As the year progresses the work will be exhibited here in the gallery and for those that are interested previews can be arranged.

Diary: Artist in residence at ‘Nature in Art’ Wallsworth Hall Gloucestershire. Tues.12-15th April.

South Africa. I have uploaded two works from a private collection that date from the 1990’s. ‘Carmine bee eaters’ and ‘Butterfly Ball’ ( why Butterfly Ball ?) the grass is full of them! These works haven’t appeared on the web site before so I hope you enjoy seeing them. Click on Art at the top of the home page and then ‘Retrospective’.